7 Things That Tenants Should Know Before Renting An Apartment in Taiwan

March 13 2024

Partner Spotlight – we’d like to introduce one of our real estate partners, U’r House Realty.

They are a real estate firm covering the #Taipei Metro Area and have many #rental listings to show tenants. PFR has worked with UR House and their manager, Adam Yu, for many years, helping our assignees find the perfect home.

Adam has graciously provided tips for tenants looking to rent in the #Taiwan market in the link below. Here is one which is one of our favorites:

7.Moving in and moving out
It is very important to document the apartment conditions with photos on the day the tenant moves in to prevent any complications on the day they move out (scratches/dents on the floors, walls, etc). If there are any discrepancies between when the tenant moved in and when they move out, the tenant may be liable for paying for these damages.

Full Article Here –> https://www.urhouse.com.tw/tw/post/46-things-that-tenants-should-know-before-renting-an

UR House can assist with non-corporate-supported home findings, so please get in touch with them if you have any questions.