New Covid Testing Requirement

November 18 2020 (only in Chinese now)

From December 1st, 2020 to February 28th, 2021 (departure time), the passengers entering or transiting through Taiwan airports, regardless of the nationality (Taiwan or foreign nations) or purpose of coming (study, work, diplomatic service, etc.), must provide the negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report issued within 3 working days before the scheduled boarding time.

CDC stated that the COVID-19 RT-PCR report must be issued by a medical institution approved by the government agency of the place of departure. The principle is in English, Chinese, or Chinese-English bilingual version. The content of the report must include Passport name, Date of birth (or passport number), Exam date and report issued to date, name of the disease, test method, and interpretation result.

The supportive measures as the following:

•  Documents in languages other than Chinese or English, such as French and Spanish, are accepted if they are in the “official language of the place of departure,” and the ground staff of the airline’s place of departure can confirm the contents of the report.

•  The table sets the date of the inspection report “within 3 days” before boarding. It is calculated as the “report date” and “working day,” so the national holidays of the local government can be excluded.

•  The inspection report can be in the form of paper (original/photocopy) or an electronic report. Still, the content should be clear and identifiable, and the items to be prepared after the review is complete and correct.

•  The test method needs to use molecular biology nucleic acid detection (for example, PCR, RT-PCR, NAA, NAT, etc.); as for the Immunoserology test antigen (Ag) or antibody (IgG or IgM), it does not meet the requirements of this measure.