(2nd Update) Entry Restrictions on Japanese nationals

March 06 2020

The Japanese government decided Thursday (Mar 5) to tighten entry restrictions on arrivals from South Korea including a two-week quarantine and suspension of a visa-waiver program in a bid to guard against the spread of Coronavirus.

The South Korean government had an urgent press conference this evening (Mar 6) 20:00 KST and also announced countermeasures to Japanese nationals which are almost at the same level as Japan’s entry restrictions on South Korean nationals.

Effective from 9 March 2020, 00:00 KST, the visa waiver agreement will be suspended and issued visas will be invalidated for Japanese nationals.

Please check the attached files as it may directly affect your clients’ business travel schedules if they are South Korean and Japanese citizens.

2nd update: 9 March 2020

1st update: 6 March 2020